How Pallyy Achieved 22% MRR Growth with Rewardful


About Pallyy

Pallyy is a social media management platform founded by entrepreneur, Tim Bennetto. Tim has dedicated nearly four years to developing Pallyy into a comprehensive social media solution for brands and agencies. The tool allows users to schedule social media content, analyze performance, and manage interactions like responding to DMs and comments, all within a single platform.

The Challenge

To open an additional stream of revenue and attract more clients, Tim had implemented a "rewards" program that offered users additional premium days for referring friends. However, this manual approach proved to be cumbersome, difficult to track, and ultimately ineffective.  

After a few months, the workload consumed Tim’s valuable time and resources, which could have been better utilized in improving Pallyy’s core product and expanding the business. Tim recognized the need for a more efficient and user-friendly solution to automate affiliate management — all of which he found in Rewardful.

The Solution

Tim's search for an affiliate program that seamlessly integrated with Stripe led him to Rewardful. 

Before adopting Rewardful, Tim had no prior experience with affiliate programs or similar marketing channels . So, when he signed up for Rewardful and integrated it with Pallyy within minutes, he was delighted about Rewardful’s ease of use and simple interface. This integration marked a crucial turning point in the company's affiliate program management.

The Results

Since implementing Rewardful, Tim's experience has been nothing but great. The referral program now runs on autopilot, significantly reducing the manual effort required. In fact, he only needs to spend around 10 minutes per month on  paying affiliates, which frees up valuable time for other critical tasks.

Tim's favorite features of Rewardful include its user-friendly interface, easy integration with Stripe, and the overall simplicity it offers. This has allowed Pallyy to effortlessly recruit affiliates and keep track of their performance.

And the results speak for themselves. Pallyy's affiliate program contributed 22% of the total MRR. The success of the affiliate program has been a pivotal milestone for Pallyy's growth.

Looking ahead, Tim plans to continue leveraging Rewardful to expand the affiliate program and aims to achieve $1 million in revenue earned through affiliates.

Pallyy's journey from struggling with manual referral management to achieving substantial affiliate revenue with the help of Rewardful demonstrates the transformative power of the right solution. Tim Bennetto's experience showcases how simplicity, ease of use, and automation can make a significant impact on a growing business's success. For anyone considering launching an affiliate program, Pallyy's story highlights Rewardful as the go-to solution for a hassle-free experience and remarkable results.

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