Brady Cassidy

Co-founder of Rewardful

Prior to Rewardful, Brady spent the last 4 years leading growth and product at Granify, an Artificial Intelligence platform for eCommerce, where he brought on several billion dollars in annual retailer revenue, achieved profitability pre-Series A, and helped raise over $9M in venture capital from prominent investors including Peter Thiel's Valar Ventures.

Brady has been helping startups find product-market fit and achieve scalable growth for over 7 years and all three companies have surpassed a minimum of $5M series A funding and continue to grow.

Brady's work in digital marketing has been published in two university textbooks by 2 of the 3 largest textbook publishers in the world and has taught as a guest lecturer at top MBA programs in Canada.

Prior to his startup adventures, Brady earned a Bachelors degree in Genetic Engineering, a Masters degree in Digital Marketing, and an MBA.

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